Disabling Graphical Login on Home Server

I have a home server running Elementary OS that in turn based on Ubuntu LTS. Currently, I use Juno (version 5.0 of Elementary OS). It is still in beta as of this writing. My current home server runs on AMD A6-9500 CPU that is enough for my needs. It is a desktop server, housed on … Continue reading Disabling Graphical Login on Home Server

Googling the most basic things

This boosted my morale today! https://twitter.com/oliviacpu/status/940761127121715200 On the same thread... https://twitter.com/oliviacpu/status/940980476470108160 https://twitter.com/doryowen/status/940782049258016768 https://twitter.com/elfsternberg/status/940788785670905856 https://twitter.com/unixtippse/status/940860947140370432   Related video... https://youtu.be/fBUMVPx1K-Y