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Logwatch Template

I use logwatch in almost all the places. So, here is a little piece of template that I use all the time. A little explanation, though. Whenever I setup a new server, I setup a daily logwatch. Once, the server becomes stable, I move it to weekly logwatch. So, during the transition period, it is just a matter of commenting out certain lines and un-commenting certain other lines. Anyway, here, we go…

# global / common directives
MailFrom = logwatch@pothi.inc
MailTo = pothi@mailemaildomain.com

# Un-comment the following two lines, to enable weekly logwatch
# Range = between -7 days and -1 days
# Subject = "Weekly Log from Pothi Inc"

# Comment out the following two lines, to disable nightly logwatch
Subject = "Nightly Log from Pothi Inc"
Detail = High