Logwatch – Change Subject – Amazon AMI

Amazon AMI, until 2013.03 uses, Logwatch version 7.3.6 that was released on 05/19/07 . That was very old. It doesn't support letting us customize the subject line either. So, here is the trick... - Edit /usr/share/logwatch/scripts/logwatch.pl - Search for the line that starts with 'print OUTFILE' - Replace that line with the following (copied from … Continue reading Logwatch – Change Subject – Amazon AMI

UFW automation

`sudo ufw enable` command asks the user the confirm the action, if SSH protocol is used. For automation, user confirmation needs to be skipped. To do that, use the following command that confirms the action... This needs to be done only once. From here, one could use `sudo ufw reload` to apply the updated firewall … Continue reading UFW automation