Logwatch Template

I use logwatch in almost all the places. So, here is a little piece of template that I use all the time. A little explanation, though. Whenever I setup a new server, I setup a daily logwatch. Once, the server becomes stable, I move it to weekly logwatch. So, during the transition period, it is … Continue reading Logwatch Template

Logwatch – Change Subject – Amazon AMI

Amazon AMI, until 2013.03 uses, Logwatch version 7.3.6 that was released on 05/19/07 . That was very old. It doesn't support letting us customize the subject line either. So, here is the trick... - Edit /usr/share/logwatch/scripts/logwatch.pl - Search for the line that starts with 'print OUTFILE' - Replace that line with the following (copied from … Continue reading Logwatch – Change Subject – Amazon AMI