Back to blogging!

I really miss writing posts about topics that aren’t related to WordPress performance or web performance, each has its own website! There are too many such topics…

  • life
  • politics
  • privacy
  • security

Of course, I will write some technical articles, too. For example, solutions for BSNL broadband users without port 22 fits well here than at At that time, I just wanted to get the word out. So, posted it in that primarily speaks about web performance.

I thought of buying a new domain such as . But, due to my current financial limitation and due to its unavailability (after I die), I decided to use this site hosted in hoping that Automattic stays alive for longer than me. Of course, there are ads in it and generally slower than my self-hosted sites (both are with Google). That’s okay considering I pay almost nothing in return for what I get from it. I say almost, because content is king and it is the most important aspect of any site. When I blog via, I promote it indirectly that benefits Automattic depending on how valuable my content is!

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment!

See you around!

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