Tamil Words – Origin of “வே”

Tamil has a very long history among the languages. Each word was created with a meaning in early days. Here's one such word. It is the origin of other consecutive words with similar meaning. I can't write anymore in Tamil in this article, as you need to understand Tamil in order to understand the following … Continue reading Tamil Words – Origin of “வே”

Documentation Shortcuts in Nginx

Nginx is simple to use, yet a powerful web server. If you'd like to search through its official documentation for a term that you couldn't understand or just wanted to learn the syntax of a keyword, you don't have to search through the entire Nginx documentation site. Instead, you could use the shortcut https://nginx.org/r/keyword . … Continue reading Documentation Shortcuts in Nginx

Googling the most basic things

This boosted my morale today! https://twitter.com/oliviacpu/status/940761127121715200 On the same thread... https://twitter.com/oliviacpu/status/940980476470108160 https://twitter.com/doryowen/status/940782049258016768 https://twitter.com/elfsternberg/status/940788785670905856 https://twitter.com/unixtippse/status/940860947140370432   Related video... https://youtu.be/fBUMVPx1K-Y


If anyone asks me what's your lifetime goal, I'd say it is to live with Healthy Body and Healthy Mind. Healthy body is easy to measure. Healthy mind isn't easy to measure. In order to measure something, there needs a definition. Healthy of the physical body can be defined to some extend. Body weight. Eye … Continue reading HBHM

PSI – How to Optimize Images

I have been using ewww for years. While running a Google PageSpeed Insights test for a client's site, I noticed several images aren't up to the mark. EWWW said it's compressed. So, downloaded the optimized files from Google PSI and compared with the original images. ImageMagick has a nice command line utility called identify that helps to find the … Continue reading PSI – How to Optimize Images