If anyone asks me what’s your lifetime goal, I’d say it is to live with Healthy Body and Healthy Mind.

Healthy body is easy to measure. Healthy mind isn’t easy to measure.

In order to measure something, there needs a definition. Healthy of the physical body can be defined to some extend. Body weight. Eye sight. Hearing ability. With modern science, we could measure the health of internal organs too. How modern science defines a healthy body, in terms of averages, is a matter of debate, though.

Mental healthy can be measured to some extend too, again with the help of modern science. But, how do we define a healthy mind? Or, how do we define a normal mind or an average mind? What someone considers as abnormal behaviour can be perfectly acceptable by someone else, due to, for example, cultural differences.

How do I define a healthy mind?

Well, that’s for another post. I have some ideas. Let me collect more of my own thoughts and organize them. Stay tuned!

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