Save Screenshots Space on Mac

If you use mac OS and if you think you might run out of disk space at some point in the future (everybody does this), then here is a small (advanced) tip to help to optimise the space, especially if you take a lot of screenshots.

I was going through the random video on youtube and stumbled upon this gem…

You may know the commands used in it at . I am just going to explain the first tip. It basically uses the following command…

defaults write type jpg

I didn’t want to simply type it down. So, I tried the following…

defaults read

It didn’t show any results. It basically means the default value isn’t setup specifically. So, I executed the original command, tested if it really saved any space and type the following command to see, if I can go back to the default option.

defaults delete

It did work. So, go ahead and do it yourself. You can thank me later!


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